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I am SO thankful that I managed to find Payam as a PT nearly a year ago – he has changed my life in multiple different ways. Payam makes every session enjoyable, different, and worthwhile. With Payam I was able to build confidence within myself and within the gym environment. I made so much progress in such a short period of time when training with him. He always makes sure improvements are being made and goals are being worked towards. I have had a few different PT’s in the past and Payam is by far the best. What makes him stand out from the rest is the clear passion and love for his job and how much he wants you to do well! He is a very kind, caring and understanding person who will listen to any problems you may have and try to address these both professionally and friend like. One thing I especially rate about Payam is he doesn’t just put you through a session which any basic PT can do, he also educates you which I think is super important. I know from training with him since the start of this year, I am so much more educated in areas such as weight training, diet and overall fitness and the importance of it all. Payam is ideal for someone with a hectic lifestyle like myself as he is very flexible and also offers online coaching. As well as this he is always on hand for a chat or a message which is very helpful for when training on your own! He really does go above and beyond for all of his clients so if you’re looking for a PT who actually grafts for the money, is willing to put work in for you and is worth paying then Payam is the PT for you! 😊


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